Hey there!
I'm Leonardo Muniz.

but you can call me Leo.
or Blue.
or Striker.

This is Leo.

I’ve got ideas that will play tricks on your senses. Maybe I’m your muse, now or in the future.

This is Blue.

It’s my true vibe.

Colors, shapes, and vibes.

Even though I’m not a trained designer, I’ve been messing with style since I was a kid.
BlueStriker is all about this shade of blue, black and white, plus geometric shapes featured in a signature badge with cuts from the latest typography.

This is Striker.

My mark, making waves everywhere. It’s knowing there are folks out there who dig what I do.

I am Leo, Blue, and Striker. And this is my online space where I can be and do whatever I want.
Keep an eye out! 🙂